Dance or Dance of Storytelling 

Kathak is an Ancient classical dance form of India. The word "Kathak" is Derived from the Sanskrit Language word “Kathakar”, which means a storyteller.  Patronized by Maha Rajas and Mughal Emperors in Ancient India.

 Kathak artists aim at refining their dramatic and rhythmic aspects to delight elite audiences. Kathak combines the spiritual fervor of Hindu temple with opulent Mughal and Rajput courts.  

Lucknow,  Jaipur, Benaras and Raigarh are the 4 main schools or gharanas of Kathak.


Oldest classical dance heritage of India 

The theoretical base of Bharatanatyam traces back to ‘Natya Shastra’, the ancient Sanskrit text (performance of arts). Natyashastra is the earliest literature on music and drama – written somewhere around 500 BC by Bharata Muni. Natyashastra’s focus was on dance and drama, with music as an aid.  

Conventionally a solo dance performed only by women, initiated in the Hindu temples of Tamil Nadu and eventually flourished in South India


Mansi Prasad

The Artist

Mansi Prasad, is a multi-faceted Kathak exponent, performer and teacher from the house of Lucknow. Mansi has been a teacher and performer of Kathak since 2012. She is the Founder of Riyaaz Dance Academy

Kathak Education 

Music Education

The Teacher

Mansi is providing an Online Platform for national as well as international students to enhance their storytelling skills through Dance.  She has conducted several Manch Pravesh of her senior students. Her senior students have started graduating with Nritya Visharad and now assist her in teaching. 


Riyaaz Dance Academy is authorized center of  SANCHARI KALA PARISHAD Collaborated with BIR Tikendrajit University (MHRD & UGC RECOCNIZED) . We provide certificate and degree programs of dance and music exams for students. 

Mansi Prasad


Senior Teacher- Advance Level

Delight nature with a humble personality, She is a talented Kathak professional artist, Theatre artist, Vocalist  and Dance teacher from the house of Lucknow.

Sutirna Dutta 


Senior Teacher- Junior Level to Advance Level

She is a Very graceful and elegant Bharatnatyam professional Artist and dance teacher from the house of Lucknow.

Deeksha Mathur


Beginners Level 

Proficient in her approch with required energy, she is talented Semi-classical dance performer and dance teacher from the house of Lucknow.