New Enrolment

Welcome to Riyaaz Dance Academy!

 Your journey begins by learning the beautiful art of Kathak, please note the Important points, as this promotes the Guru-Shishya parampara forward:

1. Student attire 

Traditional Indian Kurta with leggings or salwar bottoms. If Kurtas are initially not available, you can wear a dress with leggings or salwar bottoms. Absolutely no shorts, skirts or western attire will be accepted in class.​

2. Kathak Personal Bag/Kit 

Please make a Kathak Personal bag large enough to accommodate the following:

- 1 inch (3 ring) binder - with loose wide ruled sheets and sheet protectors

- Pens, pencils and eraser

- Ghungroo (will be available for purchase after completion of first semester

- Extra hair bands & clips

3. Hair 

Hair must be neatly tied and fastened away from the face. No open hair will be allowed in class. If you have bang, please clip them away from face for class.

4. Practice 

Practicing all material before coming to class. Layakari (Barabar, Dugun, Chaugun) 

5. Gurukul Parampara 

As you come for class, please do not wait outside in the waiting room if another Kathak class is going on before you. Students are encouraged to come inside, take blessings of the teacher - (no that is not considered as interruption!), observe the other students, start tying ghungroos and also find a corner and start practicing. 

6. Missed Class 

If you miss a class, please take a look at my class calendar. You can drop in during any of my classes to cover up you missed material.